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aa_secret's Journal

Ace Attorney Secrets
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Secrets related to the Ace Attorney fandom!
Based on PostSecret and fandomsecrets, this community is about sharing your secrets related to the Ace Attorney games.

Each Secrets Post will have the comments screened but the comments should be done anonymously anyway. IP addresses will not be logged.

The Rules
1. Obviously, your secret must relate Ace Attorney.
2. The images must be smaller 600x600 pixels.
3. No personal attacks on other fans, flame wars or trolling!
4. No "in-character" secrets

How To
1. Have a secret.
2. Make the graphic with the secret.
3. Upload it to an image-sharing website like TinyPic or ImageShack.
4. Copy the link and post it anonymously in the Current Secrets Submission Post.
5. You're done!


aa_secret is not affiliated with anything or anyone. Individual members may have these affiliations, but none of them are endorsed by the community itself. No money is made from this. None of the secrets are copyrighted to us, etc.