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Okay guys, looks like most people were in favor of increasing the secret size limit as long as I kept putting the smaller secrets in the #1 slot so that f-lists wouldn't get destroyed. So I guess that's how I'll do it from now on. I'll make the new limit 750x750 as a compromise between the two limits I was considering, and I hope that works for everyone.

Thanks for your input!

And yeah, technically the 2nd secret is too big.... I figured I'd give it a pass this week though since the rules were still up in the air. ^^;
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[aa_secret] MOD POST: On Secret Size Restrictions

Hello, aa_secret members!

A kindly anon left me a suggestion today for the future secrets submitted to this comm: increasing the size restriction on secrets, which as of current, is 600x600. The reasoning is that the contents of the secrets will be less limited, and it will allow for the "Too Big" secrets to be posted in the future (since we need all the secrets we can get!)

I'd like some more opinions on this, so... let your voice be heard? :D

Poll #1731850 aa_secret: Size Limit
This poll is closed.

Should the size limit on Ace Attorney Secrets be increased?

No, it's not necessary; keep it at 600x600.
Yes, 600x600 is too limiting, and it will allow more secrets to be posted.
Yes, but continue to post 600x600 (or otherwise the smallest secrets) in the #1 slot to spare f-lists.
Additionally, if you have any idea for a new size restriction, please let me know below? I was thinking 700x700 or 800x800 at the absolute most, but any bigger than that I feel would get into wallpaper territory :|

Thanks for your time!